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LIMERICK TWENTY THIRTY company unveiled - Tasked to deliver €500m in inward investment assets

Scannán gearr faoin ár dturas anseo.

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About Limerick 2020

What is Capital of Culture?

For 30 years the European Union has designated one or more cities as a European Capital of Culture. The European Capital of Culture designation is for a period of one calendar year during which a city and/or a region organises a series of cultural events with a strong European dimension, promoting…....

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Why did Limerick bid?

Limerick is on a path of change and regeneration. We are actively engaged with social and economic challenges which will lead to growth and development.

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Did you join the Bid?

The Limerick2020 team asked you, the broader Limerick Community, to engage, to discuss and we listened to your vision. In partnership with community groups and cultural practitioners, we developed and coordinated a series of small-scale cultural events and ‘Have Your Say meetings’ to inform us regarding your set of values and priorities.

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