Citizens of Limerick: Andrew Cybossky

In 2009 Vilnius, the Lithuanian capital, was the European Capital of Culture together with Linz in Austria. Fast-forward to 2016 to meet Andrew Cybossky, a native of Vilnius, who has been living in Limerick for the past ten years.

Andrew highlights surprising similarities between Limerick and Vilnius and is eager to see Limerick become European Capital of Culture 2020.

“I came to Ireland maybe about 10 years ago and my plans were to visit my friends for two weeks. I was after finishing school in fashion studies and my plans were to visit my friends and then find a job. I really liked it here! Ireland is very similar to Lithuania, the weather is totally similar except for summertime. Maybe we have a colder winter, but the rain is the same as Lithuania. All the other seasons are the same. I like nature here, for me it’s like home. I feel the same.” With this homely feeling to Limerick, Andrew didn’t find it difficult at all to fit in even though he didn’t have any English. He has come a long way since then with his English language skills.

Andrew is currently a student in Limerick Institute of Technology studying multimedia, programming and design. As part of his coursework Andrew produced two brilliant short videos. The first is a news report style video showing why Limerick should be Capital of Culture in 2020.

The video highlights Limerick’s multicultural society with an emphasis on Russian Europeans living here.

Speaking about this project, Andrew says, “I think for Limerick it is very interesting to have all these different cultures here together. I did this project with the Russian school because my first language is Russian. In Lithuania there is a mix of cultures from the Soviet Union.”

His second video focuses on the heritage of the various European Capitals of Culture. 

This stop-motion project lists all the European Capitals of Culture in a fun way starting with Athens in 1985.

It took 800 pictures and a long time to put together, moving the blocks for every photo.

“When Vilnius was the capital in 2009 I was in Ireland, but I visited my family back home for two weeks and I got a taste of the atmosphere; it was amazing. I hope Limerick 2020 will be the same. You have such experience and time to create this and it should be something amazing.”

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