Citizens of Limerick: God Knows Jonas

“My name is God Knows Jonas, I am from Shannon, Co. Clare but I spend just as much time in Limerick City."

"I work for Music Generation. I’m very proud of what we are doing and I also love the product of what my work does as well; it is very rewarding. I guess I’m part of a band as well. We are doing pretty good.” Humble, but an inspiring optimist, God Knows Jonas’ heart is very much wrapped up in music and Limerick.

Originally from Zimbabwe but living in Ireland since 2001, God Knows has found a home here, “My favourite thing about Limerick City is the cultural diversity. I love the multiple Limericks, I love that there’s different types of Limerick. I spend a lot of time in the Island Field and Moyross. Some of my close friends live there but also some dope MCs live there as well. I love the aspect of different cultural diversity. I love hanging out in the country in west Limerick with my good friend Pa. I love knowing that you can be from the same place but have a different perspective on how to look at that place also.”

Speaking about Limerick and culture God Knows recognises the thoughtful consideration of those behind the scenes.

“When people have knowledge and understanding a great fruit always comes out of that.  The people really understand what they are at when they put on different cultural things with different cultural settings. When people get what they are doing, man it really shines. Limerick is an example of that.”

God Knows is well clued in on the proceedings of the bid for Capital of Culture, “I’m also an artist and I work on the behalf of artists,” and while he is keen for event organisers to see things from the artists’ perspective he would also like to see those who do not get involved in culture to also have a say, “2020 is not just for certain people, it is for everyone to get involved somehow, and I hope everyone can find a channel to find out what is going on.”

“I’m an optimistic person so I’m going to say we are going to win it. The impact of City of Culture was pretty immense, it made people start things. Once it was finished people wanted to carry on. The people were passionate and it kind of fanned the flame and that turned into a big fire and now everyone is fired up, they want to be a part of this and they are not missing it next time.”  

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