Citizens of Limerick: Sarah Deegan

A full time mom and full time sports enthusiast, Sarah Deegan is putting her passion to work this year in a charity cycle from Nantes to Lourdes.

Previously she was Irish team manager to the men’s under 16 basketball team. “We travelled a lot around Europe and to the European championships in Sofia, Bulgaria in August 2015.” No stranger to travel, Sarah has been in training since November 2015 for the six day 800 kilometre cycle.

Sarah likes to take a project every year but it needs to fit in with her family life with husband working away and two children age 10 and 14. “My cousins always go to Lourdes cycling and this is their fourth time going out and I always wanted to go with them. We are doing it for the Clíona Foundation and the Lourdes Invalid Fund; two worthy beneficiaries. We will head off Tuesday 14th June. We will fly to Nantes and then cycle to Lourdes. I’m the only girl of the 19 of us going. Keith Duffy is also going with us.”

All the proceeds will be split between the charities. Clíonas Foundation offers financial assistance for critically ill children and the Limerick Invalid Fund helps older people get to Lourdes; they also send a youth group to help on the pilgrimage.

Sarah’s favourite thing about Limerick is its sporting culture and UL Arena, “We have seen all kinds of sport out there. You can have breakfast in the Sports Bar next to these big sports people. I’ve met so many people, sport breaks down all barriers and divides.” When it comes to the artistic cultural scene Sarah has only recently gotten involved as a participant, “I didn’t know the cultural scene for a long time until my sister got involved and she brought us to exhibitions and openings. I found that I liked this side of Limerick also. I’ve seen EVA grow over the years from having a big X in Arthur’s Quay Park to lighting a car on fire in Henry Street and all these international artists wanting to be part of Eva International and I couldn’t get over that. Then when I got involved, it opened my eyes to a different side of life in general. The artistic side of Limerick is growing and growing. It brings everyone out of their homes, broadens their minds and opens their eyes to show what we can do. Limerick2020 is going to be fantastic, I think we will win it.”

You can follow Sarah on her journey from Nantes to Lourdes on her blog

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