Citizens of Limerick: Doris Ryan

Doris Ryan, Cub Leader with St. Oliver Plunkett 25th Scout Troup
Doris Ryan, Cub Leader with St. Oliver Plunkett 25th Scout Troup

 “I’m a housewife, a cub leader, I do line dancing, set dancing, salsa dancing, I’m a Eucharistic Minister for almost 20 years in St. Nicholas’ parish. 

I also walked the Camino (a pilgrimage in Spain) last year 120 kilometres over five days, the weather was atrocious!” Doris Ryan is certainly one for keeping active. Married to Michael for 44 years, Doris has raised four children in Corbally and has nine grandchildren but what keeps her the busiest is the 80-100 children involved in the St. Oliver Plunkett Scout Group based in Shannon Banks. Her husband Michael, a group leader has worked with the scouts for the last 28 years. “I love the out of doors” she says.

Born on Mulgrave Street and educated in Limerick, Doris’s love of education means she is always learning something new. “I’ve done several courses over the years from car maintenance to computers and calligraphy.” Doris is currently taking Irish classes in St. Mary’s Community Action centre.

Doris is happy to see things happening in Limerick, “I think it brings more people together and it’s great publicity for our city. Hopefully 2020 will be another great year for us.”

It would seem good things are already happening thanks to community leaders like Doris. “Limerick people are a generous people, they rally around one another. Limerick got a lot of bad publicity over the years but community leaders, be they in the scouts, the GAA or other sport are doing more for the youth, intervening before they can be led astray. In the scouts we have great leaders and a lot of the parents are involved as well.”

In her view, if Limerick won the bid it would be of great benefit to the community. “If we won the bid I think Limerick 2020 would bring great tourism to the region, the people would go out of their way to make sure it was a great success. It might bring the community that bit closer together. I would like to see events that would involve loads of people. There could be music in a park where everyone would go and stand and listen and dance if they wish. Or walks, there are some beautiful walks in the city, think of our own little walk here in Shannon Banks.” Limerick certainly has a bright future ahead with people like Doris making the city a better place to live, grow and learn. 

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