Have You Found All 8 Stanzas Quotes?

All of the Stanzas quotes are now proudly emblazoned in special locations around the city. If you have been out hunting down these wayward words, the new Stanzas map will help you track down the rest.

Eight poets from the Stanzas group were asked to write poems for this project. Quotes from each poem were then erected in 3D lettering in locations dotted around the city. Now we can reveal the locations of each quote alongside the authors.

“It will rise with the moon” Emer Hayes. Sarsfield Bridge.

“The old/new vintage attack” Aoife Deegan Donnellan. North Circular Road.

“Walking the streets with some new love” Caleb Brennan. Arthur’s Quay.

“A storm of thoughts, A river of revolution” RG Allen. Nicholas Street.

“I am a box Labelled with a smile” Rachel Armstrong. Thomas Street.

“Please give me the soft of you” Nina O’Donovan. Catherine Street

“He wouldn’t love her as a pussycat” Mel White. People’s Park.

“Sing a song about rain like it’s the first time I’ve heard the lyrics” Shane Vaughan. Hartstonge Street.


Happy quote-hunting!

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