Citizens of Limerick: Katie Fitzpatrick

Katie Fitzpatrick is a community musician from Clare whose work is part and parcel of Limerick culture.

“I grew up very close to Limerick and I have stayed put for work, family and friends, but also because it's a lovely place that I am really comfortable in.” 
When asked what she loves most about Limerick, Katie is quick to point out the passion locals have for the city, “I love that people are so passionate about the city developing and being acknowledged. I love the layout of the city and the architecture. I love the focus on culture and community.”

Katie’s life and leisure is central to Limerick culture, “Most of my work is based at the Redemptorist’s Centre for Music and involves music education and facilitating creative music workshops for a variety of people.” Katie is deeply involved with Limerick culture being part of groups like Limerick Gospel Choir, Ireland Unlimited (a national choir), a national barbershop chorus, and Limerick Youth Dance. “I'm singing, playing piano, ukulele and guitar, teaching songs, writing songs and motivating people to create music.” She plans on taking her love of music to the Philippines with Serve, “I'm also currently fundraising for a project I will be volunteering in July. I'll be teaching music and training teachers in using and facilitating music in the classroom.”

Katie has experienced culture from different angles as performer and participant and says “there always seems to be an element of playfulness to culture in Limerick. For example, ‘Nice Screams’ was on as part of EVA and it just so happened to be my birthday. I got to roll out of bed and walk just around the corner for a birthday ice cream breakfast, a chat with the artist and a dance to The Citizens Anthem. It was magic.”   

As she discusses the bid Katie hopes to see more collaboration, community engagement, transformation and inspiration, “It’s exciting! I think it will entice the people of Limerick to engage with culture even more, and hopefully bring more people to the city. I think it will also raise the profile of the city nationally and internationally. “

To support Serve's work in the Philippines or learn more about the project people can visit

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