Stanzas: Aoife Deegan Donnellan

“The old/new vintage attack”

Aoife is a leaving cert student from Laurel Hill Coláiste FCJ and hopes to one day rule the world.


Give us a little background on yourself. Who are you, where are you from, what are you doing?

My name is Aoife Donnellan. I’m from Cratloe, Co. Clare and I am currently studying to do my leaving cert in Laurel Hill Coláiste FCJ. I was on the brink of studying when I came out for this interview.

What poem is this line from?

It’s called Proper.

What was your inspiration for writing that?

It is the idea that vintage is coming back and that there are so many people trying to get rid of old ideas and there are these people trying to take new big steps that are so exciting and there are still some people clinging to these old things because they think the old things know more than they do. It’s the weird thing of people wanting to think of massive new ideas while wearing their granddad’s suit.

Sounds like something from Macklemore.

Yeah, Macklemore was the original inspiration.

What’s the weirdest/strangest thing you have ever written?

I wrote a song and it only had ten words in it and the only words were that the song wasn’t going to go anywhere and neither were you. It was only 30 seconds long and when I made it I felt so weird at the end. It was just a sad interval where no one’s moving. It was the weirdest thing ever.

What is your favourite thing in the whole wide world?

I like to think. I like thinking. You can’t go wrong with thinking.

What are your hopes and dreams for the future?

I hope and dream. I would like to do English, that would be awesome, to continue to poet. I would like to poet. I hear it is hard to poet but I would like to do it.

It is hard to poet, it’s even harder when you realise poet is not a verb.

Even harder when you can’t English!

Well this is the new thinking.

New big exciting steps. I think I might be a copywriter, I hear there’s a lot of jobs in that.

No, this is my shtick.

Why is the vintage attacking?

The vintage is attacking in its ideas I think. The vintage is an idea and it is attacking the new people who have other ideas and when they come together they are sucking the life out of everyone.

Should we be worried about this?

I think you should. It’s an epidemic that is straight after swine flu on the danger scale.

Did we provoke the vintage?

No. The vintage was sitting idly and we went and got it and now it’s rampant.

Is the vintage angry?

No, it knows too much. It’s lived already and we are here and it’s coming for us.

How can we defend ourselves against a vintage attack?

You need to sanitise your hands often. By taking big new courageous steps that are your own. Always change your socks.



Proper is coming back

Through our window sills

The white and black

The old/new vintage attack

Proper is coming back.

Dickie bows and three piece suits

Democratic 3 piece noose

Luckily with proper comes youth pursuits

Riots; chaotic truths

Lust lives lurking in hearts that are left searching

But no one ends up bleeding on their own.

Proper is coming back.

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