Stanzas: Emer Hayes

“It will rise with the moon”


Emer Hayes loves to dabble in all things creative and is currently studying Social Science in UCC. “I’m very outgoing, a social, very silly person I think. “

What sort of things are you interested in?

“Well writing obviously, that would be one. Anything really creative. I’m a small bit into photography, well I’m trying to get into it anyway. I like being out in nature, I’m very adventurous and I would like to try everything, so nothing specific really.”

What was your inspiration for this poem?

“Well honestly for that chapbook (a small pamphlet of poetry or prose) we were collaborating with artists. For that particular poem I got inspired by the picture that the artist gave to me, which was the viewpoint from her bed, a dark window. And the darkness made me think about night-time and bed and being afraid of the dark and how your bed could be the safe place.”

Relationship with Limerick and culture?

“I’ve been in theatre for a lot of my life and I was a member of LYT (Limerick Youth Theatre) and I think that was the only exposure I had to the main culture of Limerick. But now, with Stanzas and having been in LYT, there is a lot more happening or I am a lot more aware of it. Limerick2020 and the bid is obviously a massive deal and is very exciting.”

What’s your favourite thing about Limerick?

The people. I made incredible friends here, even teachers in school. Everyone in Limerick really. I found everyone has been really friendly and outgoing and that’s a distinct trait with the people here.

Looking at a quote from your poem, can you tell me, what will rise with the moon?

I think we all have our own demons that could rise with the moon; it could be anything. I guess what really inspired me about “what will rise” was my worst fears that come in the night. I think a lot of people find when they are going to sleep at night that’s when you find those fears creeping in. It could be anything, personal demons, literal demons.

Could it be a werewolf? Will a wolf rise with the moon?

Could be! Actually yeah!

Are you aware of any werewolves in Limerick?

Not right now but I would be very interested to find out.

Do you have any silver bullets by your bed?

I’ve been looking on Amazon and EBay to find a werewolf/ vampire hunting kit, just in case, you know; just for safety.

What is the strangest thing you ever wrote?

I used to keep a dream diary, that would be one of the weirdest things because I would look back on my dream diary for inspiration, for details I could carry into stories and poetry, so I would think they could be pretty weird.

What is the strangest thing you ever ate?

Kangaroo tongue. It’s funny because I’m vegetarian now; that was a few years ago at a street thing in Tralee.

What are your hopes and dreams for the future?

“I’m trying everything at the moment to find a niche for myself; nothing solid just yet. I would like to keep writing and stick with the arts; that’s the main goal right now.

What is the strangest thing you have ever seen in Limerick?

I’m probably one of the stranger things you see in Limerick! I have a toy scooter and I like to ride around on it.

Chocolate or vanilla?

Chocolate, always chocolate.

Night or day?

I like twilight, both really.



There is a great and terrible beast

lurking in the dark

outside my window.

I can see it in sharp bursts

of light lost in the night


And a shadow creature lies

under the bed - waiting,

for me to fall asleep.

It will rise with the moon.


But I am protected

in a safety net

of quilt and linen sheets.

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