Stanzas: RG Allen

“A storm of thoughts, a river of revolution”

So tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is RG Allen; that’s my penname. I’m from Limerick originally. I’ve been living back here 7 years now. I’m technical manager for Dance Limerick and director of Cannibals not Canadians theatre company.

Where were you from originally in Limerick?

From the Ennis Road.

How did you get involved with Stanzas?

Well I know the guys previously from Limerick Youth Theatre. I used to have a poetry group in Limerick in the 90s myself, pre social media days. It was slightly different. I’ve always been writing poetry, so when the guys started up it was great. I’m an elder statesman of the group.

What was your inspiration or where do you find your inspiration for your poetry?

All poetry comes from the self so whatever your mind-set is at the time. I’m less of a prolific writer than I was when I was younger because you have less time, but in general it is human emotion and observation. Generally I might come up with a word or a phrase and I would let it fester in me until it comes out as a piece.

What was your inspiration behind this poem, this quote specifically?

I can’t even remember which poem this is from! I tend to take my inspiration from beat poetry. When I was younger I used to write pages upon pages, stanza upon stanza but now I find if I can explain it in a word, I try to be quite concise and quite limited in my choice of language so I don’t feel that I need stanzas to explain what I can get across in a word, in a pause. So quite a lot of my inspiration these days comes from trying to be restrained while trying to be more expressive. It’s a nice juxtaposition.

What form does this thought storm take?

An internal visual monologue.

Will said storm cause flooding in the river of revolution?

Ooh, hopefully.

You want it to overflow?

Yeah you want creativity and inspiration to be infectious. If you hear something, read something that inspires you it can drive you on a bit more to share something, create something yourself and share that.

Where is this river of revolution?

In your brain.

Is it big is it small what is this river like?

It depends on the person, from the smallest of egos to the biggest of minds.

What is the river revolting against?

A revolution can be against anything or towards anything, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a negative, it’s more of a positive. It can be a revolution of thought, a revolution of words, you try to drive something creative.

What is your favourite historical revolution?

There’s quite a few. The October Revolution 1917, the Russian Revolution. Which is the November Revolution because they had a different calendar.

Is this a storm of good thoughts or of bad thoughts?

I think it could be a storm of either, it’s what you make of them. Sometimes bad thoughts can lead to good things.

What is the forecast like after the storm?

Optimistic with scattered showers.



Side by side,
Inside yourself,
Internal turmoil,
For mental health.
When you fall,




You plead,
Agh, this mental disease,
Crying whilst smiling,
A storm of thoughts,
A river of revolution,
Hiding from mirror self reflection,
This face,
A disguise,
Masking internal tumultuous orchestrations,
To endure for even simple everyday conversations,
Mental deviations,
Awkward explanations.
The sanitation of sensations,
Derisively mocking mental self workings,
An internal narrative,
Of mental tourettes,
A retrospective response to words you should have said.

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