Citizens of Limerick: Tiffany Glenn Kirby

Originally from the US, now married to a Limerick man, the city is now home for Tiffany Glenn Kirby. She met her husband while teaching English in China and now works as a barista in Canteen.

“For leisure I walk around the city taking photos and looking for little details which show me its quirks, its difference, its imperfections which make it more accessible to an outsider.”

Even though she has only been here for six months, Tiffany is quick to see the duality of the city, “I love the verge, the cusp on which it balances. It's the kind of place that boasts the manicured beauty of People's Park and the downbeat greasy chippers like Luigi's all on the same street. It seems to exist in maddening contradiction.”

Limerick’s culture scene has been an education for Tiffany, “culture in Limerick is a living organism. Limerick is teaching me so much about Irish people, Irishness. But, it's also giving me insight into other cultures, other peoples, as it is home to so many people of other nations, be they students here for a brief time, spouses, workers, refugees. There are opportunities to connect with people here from diverse backgrounds, and that isn't something I expected from the city when I first arrived.”

Comparing Limerick to other Irish cities, Tiffany sees great potential, “I feel like Limerick is a city on the verge … it is small in comparison to the bigger culture hubs but the thing I love about Limerick is the heart, the optimism about the future of this city. Limerick is a city in motion, a city becoming. I'm interested to see just what she turns out to be.” 

After visiting the EVA exhibitions, Tiffany sees an opportunity to bring art to the fore,

“Personally, I would love to see more public art in Limerick. There is already a lot of tagging around the place, the fledgling marks of those toying with the subversive. Organizing an inaugural festival surrounding city murals and their makers could really bring a joie de vivre to Limerick and the 2020 bid.” 

Always ready with a poignant quote, Tiffany says of the bid “Like Kurt Vonnegut said, "The arts are not a way to make a living. They are a very human way of making life more bearable. Practicing an art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow, for heaven's sake. Sing in the shower. Dance to the radio. Tell stories. Write a poem. Do it as well as you possibly can. You will get an enormous reward. You will have created something." And wouldn't that be the best thing for Limerick 2020, to encourage all of those daily, little acts of creation? To give that gift to the people of Limerick? To the citizens, and even to those just passing through. That is an enviable legacy.”

Tiffany writes a blog called “A Wanderer’s Guide to Limerick City.” Find it at

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