Ormston House Takes Part in Supermarket Art Fair in Stockholm

Vanessa Donoso López: I return to the origin (2013), acrylic, watercolour, pencil on handmade merbelized paper.
Vanessa Donoso López: I return to the origin (2013), acrylic, watercolour, pencil on handmade merbelized paper.

Ormston House Takes Part in Supermarket Art Fair in Stockholm

21 to 24 April 2016

Limerick's Ormston House is participating at Supermarket Art Fair in Stockholm from 21 to 24 April 2016, where they will be presenting the work of Catalan-born Irish-based artist Vanessa Donoso López.

Ormston House is a cultural resource centre  based on the junction of Patrick St and Ellen St in Limerick city centre. It is run on a voluntary basis by students and recent graduates of Limerick School of Art & Design.  Through a programme of exhibitions, events and residencies, they offer a physical and intellectual space in which to promote creative citizenship and to encourage active participation in the arts. The strive to grow audiences for contemporary art and to build an international network for cultural exchange and engagement. 

Vanessa Donoso López has a strong artistic connection with Limerick, having exhibited her work previously in Ormston House and Limerick City Gallery of Art, as well as being part of the National Self-Portrait Collection which is based in the University of Limerick. 

Vanessa Donoso López’s work focuses on a mental state described as Persistent Immigrant Homesickness. Away from home, people will almost certainly miss something about their home-place, making homesickness a near-universal experience. The artist says “It is sad to think that you might only be enjoying a watered-down version of the relationship you might be having if you were to share the same mother tongue. Or maybe it is this unadorned speech that is the more authentic, the one which comes when you have not yet learnt to manipulate the said language into the shape of appearance, lies, sarcasm or puzzle”.

Supermarket is an international artist-run art fair for artist-run galleries and other artists' initiatives. It has featured exhibitors from more than 50 countries in its ten years, and functions as both a place to showcase arts and arts organisations, as well as build relationships across the arts community. It is an opportunity for a Limerick organisation to connect with those from across Europe and further afield, especially given the European focus of the work being shown by Ormston House. 

Limerick 2020 is proud of its relationship with Ormston House, and wishes it well in this fantastic event! 

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