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February: Cupid's Stupid, and other stories.

Stanzas theme this month is Selfie, and they're not only looking for poems, stories and artwork themed on Selfie, but also actually looking for Selfies, to make a collage. It can be selfies of you at stanzas, selfies of you at home, at school, at work, or wherever, just so long as it's a selfie of you, and not of someone else. (An Impostie?)
So stop dilly-dallying and send us your work, we'll love you for it.
Deadline // Feb 17

This month's Stanzas will showcase the very best of Poetry-Films mined from the O Bheál Archive by the tireless Paul Casey, as well as sounds from musical duo Elenay to sooth us into sonic submissions.

Paul Casey has been running O Bheál for almost a decade now, and he has organised the O Bheál Poetry-Film competition for four years running. Each year around thirty submissions are chosen by a panel of judges to be screened as part of the Cork Indie Film Festival, (that's right, poetry up on a big fancy screen! It's amazing!) and then an overall winner is chosen. This year's winner was Marie Craven!
So make sure to pop along, and bring your own poem or story or tale or joke or song or whatever you want, just be yourself whatever that is.
Hook & Ladder // Friday 24th // 19:00

Stanzas also wishes to send masive thanks to Aisling O'Connor for keeping up with the Stanzas Blog Posts over here. Aisling blogs herself on This Dream is Alive, and writes for Stanzas when the inspiration takes her!
Thanks also to Kathryn Keane for tweeting updates and info over on the bird-site, and to Kyra Klein for taking amazing snaperoos on Selfie Kingdom

Stanzas are always looking for help, whether it's to send a tweet or post an image, or to help on the night with bits and bobs, or even to get involved in the process of book-making. If you want to help out, just shout! :D

Stay tuned to our facebook and website and what not, as there's plenty coming up in the next month of two to get excited about! We won't say what just yet, but March 01 is gonna be fuuuuuuun!

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