Please note change of venue - THE OTHER GEORGIAN LIMERICK - Lecture No. 2 Pery Sq.

The Other Georgian Limerick - Glimpses of a forgotten architectural streetscape

NEXT: WEDNESDAY 8 FEBRUARY, 2017 in CULTURE HOUSE No.2 Pery Square, Limerick.

The theme of the Limerick Chapter Spring Lecture Series 2017 is 'My Georgian Limerick'. On Wednesday the 8th of February, at No. 1 Pery Square, John Elliot will give a talk entitled The Other Georgian Limerick, focusing on the architectural history of the old town of Limerick, Englishtown and Irishtown during the eighteenth century, and how it adapted and changed before and after the expansion of the city to Newtown Pery. 

John Elliot, of Limerick Museum and Archives, is currently working on the Digital Atlas of Limerick.

Entry fee is €5, students go free.

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